Design and Passion

At Moore Boat, we pride ourselves in functional design.

For example, our patented bow wrap design looks the way it does because it has an important function. Displacement. During “crash stops” most V shaped hulls have a propensity to “knife” into the water mimicking and abrupt “crash” as large volumes of water are brought onto the decks as the bow dips. Our displacement wrapped bow floats the weight of the hull as the boat pivots forward, rapidly stopping without the bow going under the waterline. The end result is a dryer deck and a safer, more linearly controlled stop.

Our design team utilizes the latest in two and three-dimensional design software, ensuring everything scheduled for construction actually fits correctly when being fabricated on the floor. Additionally, this allows the customer the ability to visualize the end result before construction begins.

Our existing model lineup continues to grow and our attention to detail and function are evident in every Moore Boat we build. Starting with our patented hull as our base, we can tailor a boat to meet your agencies needs ensuring a truly custom design. We welcome the opportunity to design specialized features into our boats to meet a particular set of mission requirements. Additionally, we offer a broad range of options utilizing the best raw materials and equipment suppliers in the industry.


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